NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania

Street Address:
710 Fifth Avenue
Suite 1000
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: 412-281-9773
Fax: 412-281-9987

Colin Kelley, Chief Executive Officer

Contact Name: Craig Burkley
Phone: 412-281-1100x102

Staff Size: Full Time: 10    Part Time: 2

NeighborWorks® Western Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit community development corporation founded as Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) in 1968 to promote the revitalization of the city's neighborhoods. NHS was the first "grassroots" organization in the nation to organize in response to a lack of desirable, safe and affordable housing. Eventually, NHS of Pittsburgh became the national model for community-based housing initiatives throughout the country. In 1978, Congress chartered Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, our sponsoring organization, with a mission to recreate our housing program throughout the nation's cities. Ultimately NHS of Pittsburgh became the first of a national affiliation of 240 local organizations in more than 1,004 communities, which form the national NeighborWorks® network-the nation's oldest and most successful approach to revitalizing neighborhoods. NHS adopted the national brand through the dba ("doing business as") process and re-launched as NeighborWorks® Western Pennsylvania in June 2008.

The mission of NeighborWorks® Western Pennsylvania is financial empowerment that promotes homeownership and stable communities.

Total Operating Expense (9/30/2009): $828,989

Lines of Business
  • Home Ownership Preservation

  • Home Ownership Promotion Services

  • Lending and Loan Portfolio Management

  • National NeighborWorks ® Programs
  • National Homeownership Programs
  • NeighborWorks Community Building and Organizing
  • NeighborWorks Rural Initiative

  • Accomplishments in FY 2009
  • Provided 340 families with pre- and post- purchase housing counseling.
  • Rehabilitated or repaired 1 rental or owner occupied units (1-4 units).
  • Assisted 57 families in purchasing a home through homeownership counseling, downpayment, closing cost or financing assistance.
  • Owned or managed 0 rental units.
  • Invested $215,082 in the community through Pittsburgh Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.'s revolving loan fund, which leveraged $4,794,131 from conventional lenders and other sources.
  • Total direct investment in the community is $5,009,213.

  • Additional Accomplishments
    Date Additional Accomplishment
    1/17/2007 In FY 2006, NHS, Inc was proud to provide the following services to the people of the area: - Assisted 1,800 people interested in becoming homeowners, - Provided financial literacy and certified homebuyer education to more than 900 participants who received certificates from one of the 24 classes held, - Worked with a pool of 300 participants to provide one-on-one credit counseling, - Closed 17 loans from the revolving loan fund for down payment, closing cost assistance and home improvements, - As a result, NHS facilitated the purchase of over 280 homes for first time buyers throughout the region. 2006 Accomplishments - NHS participated in 120 outreach activities speaking to more than 1,500 individuals about housing issues as well as our services and products, - Hosted two Homebuyer Clubs and twenty four Homebuyers’ Classes, creating more than 600 educated individuals which was an increase of about 50%, - Provided credit restoration and mortgage readiness counseling to approximately 300 individuals, - Created a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh School of Law Community and Economic Development Clinic (CED), and the Home Ownership Preservation Project (HOPP) to address the foreclosure problem in the region, - Developed an initiative called, My Money, My Life to promote financial literacy for youth ages 16-21 in partnership with the Federal Home Loan Bank, Allegheny County Department of Community and Economic Development, and nine local financial institutions. - Educated more than 600 individuals on Predatory Lending in partnership with the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, Fannie Mae, Neighborhood Legal Services, elected officials, and several local lenders. - Closed nine closing cost/down payment assistance loans and four Home Improvement Loans. In addition, NHS was provided a fee to provide counseling and package 10 loans for low-income home owners for a refinance product with PNC Bank and seventeen loans for the Anti Predatory Lending Initiative. - Created a partnership with the West Penn Hospital Community Partnership and Freddie Mac, whereby NHS will provide all Homebuyer Education, Credit Restoration and Mortgage Readiness Counseling to the employees of a large, local hospital beginning in 2007.

    Community Services

  • Financial Planning and Assistance

  •  Disposition of Foreclosed Property

  •  Down-payment Assistance

  •  Financial Education

  •  Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

  •  Foreclosure Prevention Training

  •  IDA Savings Program

  • Green Building and Home Improvement

  •  Home Maintenance Training

  •  Home Safety and Security

  • Housing Programs and Home Ownership Counseling

  •  Home Ownership Center

  •  Home Ownership Counseling

  •  HomeBuyers Club

  • Board of Directors
    NameBoard Role/TitleSectorCompany/OrganizationJob Title
    Aggie BroseBoard PresidentResidentBloomfield/Garfield Corporation 
    pat clarkBoard MemberResident  
    frank hammondBoard MemberBusiness  
    Anita KaremBoard SecretaryResidentResident 
    kristen klingenbergBoard Vice PresidentBusiness attorney
    Joseph OttBoard MemberFederal GovernmentFederal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 
    Delores SwartworthBoard MemberResidentResident 
    Laura SwissBoard TreasurerFinancial InstitutionPNC BankCRA Officer
    jason tiganoBoard MemberLocal Government  
    sonya tilghmanBoard MemberBusiness  
    Richard WitherspoonBoard President EmeritusFinancial InstitutionHill District Federal Credit Union 

    About the NeighborWorks ® Network

    The NeighborWorks® network is a nationwide network of more than 250 community development organizations working in nearly 4358 urban, suburban and rural communities across America. These organizations engage in revitalization strategies that strengthen communities and transform lives. In the last five years alone, NeighborWorks® organizations have generated more than $8.5 billion in reinvestment and helped more than 500,000 families of modest means purchase or improve their homes or secure safe, decent rental or mutual housing.

    NeighborWorks ® America Contact Information
    District:  Northeast
    Name:  Frances Cinicola
    Phone:  617-585-5027
    Fax:  617-450-0427