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Report Format

Name of Organization, Inc.

Street Address:         

1000 Cherry Avenue

Nashville , TN   57005

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 2300
Nashville , TN 57005


Phone:  615-123-4569
Fax:  615-458-8963

Web site:

Sam Jones, Executive Director

Contact Name: Karen Smith
Phone: 615-789-78521
Fax:  615-758-8963

Staff Size :  Number of full-time and part-time staff [NFS user data entry]

Background [NFS user data entry]

Mission [NFS user data entry]

* Total Operating Budget [Use org’s audit report to NeighborWorks® America]

Lines of Business:  List of different lines of business the organization works in [NFS user data entry]

National NeighborWorks Programs:  List of different programs that the organization participates in  [Use collected data from NeighborWorks® America]

* Accomplishments in FYXXXX : Fiscal year end (9/30) production data including pre/post housing counseling, rehab/repair units, homeownership units, owned/managed rental units, organization’s revolving loan fund and its leveraged conventional funds and total direct investment amount.  [Use organization’s quarterly report to NeighborWorks® America]

Additional Accomplishments:  List of additional accomplishment by organization [NFS user data entry]

Community Services:  List of community services provided by organization [NFS user data entry]

Board of Directors:  Name, Bd Title, Sector, Org, Job Title [NFS user data entry]

* About the NeighborWorks Network [use cumulative collected data from NeighborWorks® America; it’s generic text for all Fact Sheet Reports]

* NeighborWorks America Contact Information [use collected data from NeighborWorks® America]

District: Great Lakes

Name: Laura Weldon

Phone: 513-220-4200 or 1-800-123-4550

Fax: 513-220-4201


*  The data are populated by NeighborWorks® America and are not on NeighborWorks Fact Sheets application for data entry.