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Admin: Tips

Each NeighborWorks organization is assigned with:

1 Regular Username & PW

1 Admin Username & PW

All user names are org_#### and PW with 8 chars

Can access members website

Given to all NOW Staff

Can access NFS Home & Search modules

Given to designated NFS Admin

Can access NFS Home, Search, Admin & Help modules

Text in black color font indicates that all data are “Approved” status; only “Approved” status data is on the Fact Sheet Report. 

Text in red color font means data has been saved and is waiting to be submitted to NeighborWorks® America District Office for approval.  Red font indicates data is in “Draft” status.  Click on the Submit button to submit data to NeighborWorks® America.

Text in blue color font means data has been saved and submitted to NeighborWorks® America; it is now in “Pending Approval” status until NeighborWorks® America approves the data.

Once NeighborWorks® America approves the data, text will be changed to a black color font.